Anthropomophic Phantoms


Pixy was designed specifically for training radiologic technologists. Pixy is 156cm tall and weighs 48kg. she is repeatable, virtually indestructible and a convenient substitute for patients.

Pixy is made of tissue-equivalent materials and has life-like articulations. Students have no difficulty in manoeuvring Pixy into most desired positions.

Pixy is used to demonstrate anatomy and evaluate positioning and imaging techniques. Including kVp, mAs, contrast, optical density, OFD and TFD. Radiographs of Pixy are optically equivalent in density and contrast to human patients.

Pixy permits unlimited exposures and tolerates trainee errors.

  • An anatomically and radiologically correct female
  • Small size and low weight simplify positioning
  • Can be positioned for most views
  • Permits evaluation of student performance
  • Organs accept contrast media
  • Opaque or transport