AustralRAD Mini

AustralRAD Mini 8-in-1 Multi Radiation Detector

The AustralRAD Mini is the most powerful multi radiation detection. The AustralRAD Mini is often utilised in the medical and scientific industries to comply with regulations for fundamental safety conditions. It is the latest in modern processing power.


The normal applications for AustralRAD Mini can be found in area such as:

  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Cyclotrons
  • Radiopharmacy
  • Fire Brigades
  • Emergency Services

Distinctive features include CMOS processor technology, auto range, light weight, ergonomic and easy portability, built in check source for self diagnostics and PC communicator. Unauthorised usage is prevented through password key entry.

Although the main functionality of the AustralRAD Mini is a survey meter, it can also be used as an area monitor when it is fitted with the special wall mounted cradle. It can also be used as a contamination detector when it is connected to a pancake probe, end window detector or scintillator probe.