BCF: Hospital Bed Screens

Experience the newest tendency in separation of Hospital beds

The BCF hospital partition wall is a simple and practical solution widely used in the separation of hospital beds in ICU´s, reanimation rooms, infirmaries, medical offices, bathrooms, nurseries etc.

Its main objective is to provide total privacy to the patients. With a freestanding structure, there are no needs for rails on the roof, making a more airy and clear environment, besides from favoring the visibility over the clinical monitoring devices.

The Hospital partition wall system adapts with flexibility to the frequent changes of internal layouts very common in expansions and renovation of old structures, as specified in new projects, and in agreement with our main objective: “separate without closing”.

Optimized Hygiene

Produced with rigid high impact PVC, The partition wall has high resistance to microbial agents and disinfectants commonly used in health care, increasing the asepsis of the material.

Practical and easy to use

Great ergonomics in handling thanks to its easy handhold panels, the nylon wheels and lightness of the whole  set. When retracted, The partition wall remain highly reduced, providing a larger space to the environments.

Various Dimensions

Available in various dimensions that adapts to every health care situations or different spaces. The smaller options provide a bigger amplitude without taking off the privacy of the patients.

High resistance and simple assembly

Constructed with PVC rigid panels, The BCF Partition wall has total stability in any dimension, matching perfectly with any kind of environment.


Easy Installation and Maintenance

The practical assembly system makes the installation extremely fast and easy, with no need of skilled labor. Its steel base provides stability, eliminating noises in its use and making it easy for technical assistance.


The extremity of the partition wall has a vertical panel that can be configured in the color of your preference, which allows a personalization in agreement with the space.

The panel are absolutely straight, making it possible to personalize the partition wall with patterns that awake the fantasy of the kids, like Stickers.

Color options and patterns

We have a great variety of finishing options and patterns. This variety allows freedom of combination to better adapt to your environment.

All the Partition Wall models present a Silicon Anti-impact Protection base that grants lightness, ergonomics, protection and security.