Oncothermia system to complement chemotherapy

The Booster is used as a supplement to chemotherapy and general drug treatments. It is not intended to be a stand-alone treatment device, but should be used in a supporting role with drug treatments to enhance their effects. The purpose of the Booster is to increase the blood fl ow to the treatment area. Selection at cellular level does not occur, only a heating of the deep layers of tissue in the region where the electrode is positioned. The deep-heating effect is a result of Joule loss and leads to vascular dilatation in the treatment area, that, in turn, improves blood perfusion and thus the drugs (and more oxygen) are transported to the treatment area. The temperature in this area is 37-39°C (moderate, classic Hyperthermia), and this is the optimum temperature for the Booster’s effect.



The Booster must be adjusted to the pharmacokinetic parameters of the drugs used to achieve maximum effect. The deep Hyperthermia activates the microcirculation to and in the capillaries (capillary filtration capillary pressure etc.), increases micro-vascular perfusion, the local oxygen content in the tissue, and the nutrients and phagocytes in the treatment area. The increased temperature also regulates the cell cycle by changing the calcium ion binding. In addition, the following effects in the blood and tissue can also be achieved:

  • Increased fi broblast activity and increased capillary growth
  • Increased nutrient concentration and metabolic activity
  • Synergetic increase in the field-dependent effects (optimisation of membrane stimulation and activation of signal channels etc.)
  • Increased reactions to heat and fi eld exposure (mainly the development of heat shock proteins, HSP)
  • Increased venous and lymphatic flow
  • Changes in the physical properties of the tissue

The Booster, which is the latest development from Oncotherm, was developed for oncology but can nevertheless also be successfully used in other medical fi elds. In addition to oncology, it can be used in fi elds such as rheumatology, sports medicine, neurology and neurosurgery, dermatology and analgesic therapy.

Used in oncology 
The use of the Booster in oncology can help to increase the action of both chemotherapy and other drugs. It can be used with all common cytostatic regardless whether these are administered orally, intravenously, rectally, inhaled or  percutaneously. The Booster can be used for treating all types of cancer. The only limitation is the size of the electrodes.

How the Booster works
The Booster’s effect is achieved by increasing the blood fl ow in the region of the tumor through deep-heating between 37 and 39 oC. By using the Booster during treatment, the blood volume perfusing the tumor can be increased proportionally to the concentration of the cytostatics used. As a result, the oxygen concentration in the blood rises and thus supports the metabolism of the cytostatics. The increased concentration of cytostatics in the desired area, with a lower concentration of cytostatics outside of the target area, is also a positive effect of using the Booster in treatment.

Technical data


  • Dimensions: 105mm (H) x 380mm (L) x 280mm (W)
  • Weight: 9 kg
  • Output: 30 Watt
  • Frequency: 13.56 MHz
  • Accessories: ultra-light fl exible electrodes, fl exible fastening belt