Fluoroscopy Test Objects

Fluoroscopy Test Objects (SFS set)

Comprises a set of six test objects (six laminar plates) supplied with a protective case along with the appropriate filtration, manual and other accessories.

VS4 – Bisected Field
(250mm diameter)

Peak white and black level.
(Used to measure video waveform parameters.)

SW4 – Greyscale Linearity
(180mm diameter)

10% contrast steps, plus peak white and black level details.
Used to adjust monitor brightness/contrast.
Circular geometry. (150mm diameter)
Used to check television scan linearity.

FSG4 – Rectangular Geometry
(300mm diameter)

Circular matrix comprising 20mm squares, with centrally placed crosswire and spacing located with 10mm divisions.
Used to check geometric distortion and image field size.

Typ – 18 Resolution Test Pattern
(55mm x 45mm rectangle)

Arranged in 21 separate groups of 4½ cycles with resolution values ranging from 0.5 LP/mm-1 to 5.0 LP/mm-1
Used to adjust electronic/optical focusing.

SSM4 – Homogeneity
(220mm diameter)

Uniform graded mesh to ISO standard
(Used to check focal homogeneity over the whole image field.)

LCD4 – Low-Contrast Sensitivity
(180mm diameter)

Comprising 19 details of 11mm diameter with contrast ranges 0.16 to 0.007.
Used to quantify noise plus contrast loss.