Gammasonics EHY-3000 series


EHY-3000 series

Oncothermia systems for multi-local cancer treatment

Devices are devoted for simultaneous, multi local treatment for advanced, metastatic disseminated malignant solid tumours; adaptable for any shapes.

Devices in EHY 3000 series are able to treat a large part of the body; however their heating effect is definitely different from the whole body heating (WBH).


  • High selectivity
  • Multilocal focus
  • Low impedance
  • Real energy control
  • Precise focused heat
  • Professional coupling
  • Antibacterial electrodes
  • Highly safe and effective
  • Low voltage high current
  • Very few contraindications
  • Not microwave, not radiative
  • Safe RF-conductive solution
  • Cellular malignant selection
  • High EMC standards
  • Adjusted modulation
  • Personalized electrodes
  • High benefit with low cost
  • Improving the quality of life
  • In-situ treatment monitoring
  • No radiation to the personnel
  • Low risk, negligible side effects
  • Latest fractal physiology applied
  • Light, shape-formed electrodes
  • Improving the survival time
  • Easy to use, clear to control
  • Inexpensive modern device

EHY 3010 ML


  • High efficacy with real power (no absorption by cooled transmitter media)
  • Personalized electrodes (favourites of doctors and patients)
  • Controlled current well keeps the surface on the desired temperature
  • Extra convenient for the patient, easy to use for the medical staff

EHY 3020


  • The applied mattress is developed by NASA for cosmic flights
  • Full, luxury convenience of the patient
  • More intensive energy deposition up to the extreme 10 kW/m^2
  • More accurate focus and better auto-selection