Lung-Chest Phantoms

Lung / Chest Phantoms

The Alderson Lung/Chest Phantom extends from the neck to below the diaphragm. It is molded around a male skeleton, corresponding to the external body size of a patient, 175 cm tall and weighing 73.5 kg. This materials are equivalent to natural bone and soft tissues.

Animal lungs are selected to match the size of an adult male. Lungs are fixed in the inflated-state and are molded to conform to the pleural cavities of the phantom. The pulmonary arteries are injected with a blood equivalent plastic. The Lung/Chest Phantom with simulated left coronary artery reveals several areas of coronary artery irregularity and narrowing.

  • Extensive vascular detail
  • Different degrees of vascular contrast available
  • Interchangeable normal and pathological lungs