Neutron Survey Meter

AustralRAD N SI+Gamma

The AustralRAD N SI is the ideal area monitor for the monitoring of neutrons in a vast number of applications.

The AustralRAD N SI is the answer to the aging neutron survey meters currently in use.


The AustralRAD N SI is the latest design in neutron survey meters. It may bring a new approach to neutron measurement, but we still use the classic Anderson and Braun design to conduct the measurement.
A detachable reader (AustralRAD Mini 8 in 1) allows the unit to multi task, resulting on a unit that is more flexible than any other unit available on the market.


The AustralRAD N SI incorporates the latest electronic technology, and micro processing power allowing you to wirelessly transfer data directly to an Android Tablet. At a prudent distant from the source therefore minimising exposure. Making the unit a unique device and the first one of its kind on the market.
The unit can be programmed to accept English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese or Chinese languages.
The unit comes with a shoulder strap and a handle permitting it to be easily carried by the user.