Radiation Personnel Detector 2 Passive Alarm


The OSL-PRD is a personal dosimetry and alarm warning system that alerts the wearer of the presence of radioactivity in real time.


The key component of the OSL-PRD is the the OSL cartridge that will keep a permanent record of the specific radiation dose.

Housed in a durable, water-proof case the unit is ideal for areas of danger.

  • Each dosimeter is individually identified by its unique bar code number
  • Light weight
  • Continuously monitors radiation exposure providing instant alarms
  • Personal radiation dosimeter for low to high energy gamma radiation
  • Emergency alarm emits high pitch sound and triggers super bright LED at an emergency situation
  • Measures "x" and Gamma Radiation
  • Waterproof casing provides durability
  • A magnetic switch ensures that the OSL-PRD cannot be turned off accidentally