Radiation Tele Detector

Telescopic Probe

The Telescopic Probe system includes AustralRAD Mini 8 in 1 multi purpose monitor and an external detector which is mounted on a telescopic pole.


The Telescopic Probe consists of an AustralRAD Mini 8-in-1 unit clipped to a mounting cradle, which is installed on the telescopic pole. The AustralRAD can also be removed from the probe for independent use as a contamination meter, survey meter or area monitor, unlike anything else available.


The power supply, the pulse counting and the display of the dose-equivalent rate is carried out by the AustralRAD unit, which also monitors the alarm feature for the dose rate. Distinctive features include CMOS processor technology, auto range, lightweight rugged casing and a built in check source for self diagnostics, thus combining performance, handiness, ergometry and sturdiness.