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Rayboard for Head Fixation

Unlike other products made of cheaper composites, this head board is made of carbon fiber to get moderate radiation attenuation and maximum life time. If you like head boards with Fixed Swivels and smaller pegs for U-Frame masks fixation like CIVCO head boards shown on the right photo.

  • Maximum Accuracy and Comfort: Our head boards have unique indents for various posterior head pillows such as TIMO, SILVERMAN and custom pillows made from two-part foaming agents and water curing pillows to maximise immobilisation accuracy and patient comfort.
  • Versatility: Using along with other attachment baseplates shown below, # PP-101 can proceed supine, tilting, prone and lateral treatments. U-Frame masks can be easily fixed by the adjustable swivels or the fixed swivels depending upon technicians' preference.
  • Maximum Integration and Compatibility: By using with prone or tilting baseplate, this head board can be mounted onto most popular Type-S boards which can make them integrate other devices into a complete system. Therefore, customers can minimise their investments on head boards and maximise work efficiency to increase patient throughput by the integration of immobilization devices.
  • Indexing Patient Positioning: This head board has two locating recesses on its top for lock bars which can help users quickly lock it onto different couches by indexing patient positioning technique.
  • Heavy duty and Long Lifetime: Carbon fiber structure makes our head boards have much longer lifetime than other competitive products made of cheaper phenolic or other composite materials.