Handheld, Heavy Duty Radiation Detector Scintillator Type

Automatic radiation detection measurement system. Dedicated to the radiation protection environment & security area system.


The ScintiRAD is mainly used for the measurements of gamma at low levels and x-ray, dependent on the distance and the quantity.

The ScintiRAD utilises the AustralRAD Mini 8 in 1 and a larger scintillator that gives you total coverage. The ScintiRAD relies on a scintillator to give continuous measurements of the presence of any radiation product.

The ScintiRAD is robust and rugged so it is hard wearing and ideally suited for industrial applications.

  • Truly hand held scintillator detector
  • Rugged impact plastic casing
  • Water-proof
  • Possibility of adding external GM Detector
  • Detachable Reader which can be used as a Survey Meter or Personal Detector Alarm
  • Memory Data Storage (optional)
  • Includes powerful graphic and reporting software
  • Global Positioning System (GPS) & Altimeter (optional)
  • ZIGBEE Wireless Communication (included)
  • Easy to retrofit in to road, marine or aerial vehicle