Ultrasound Phantoms

General Purpose Ultrasound Phantoms

The Model 042 General Purpose Urethane Ultrasound Phantom provides an alternative solution for ultrasound quality assurance. It is ideal for monitoring system performance over time.


The Model 042 is constructed from a proprietary urethane matrix and housed within a rigid PVC container with three separate scanning windows. The three scan windows allow the same targets to be imaged at multiple depths thus increasing the functionality of the phantom. The Model 042 is a compact, lightweight, durable tool ideal for ultrasound system consistency checks. It allows for depth of penetration, uniformity, distance calibration, resolution and lesion detectability assessment.

All our QA phantoms, including the Model 042, are sold with a user manual, carry case and a certificate of compliance. Please note, that because the urethane has a speed of sound = 1430 m/s, the Model 042 should not be used to assess absolute system performance.